welcome soulful, service-oriented healers, coaches, artists, work-from home entrepreneurs

Virtual RetreatU™ : Create, Message, and Lead Your Virtual Retreat With Ease

Do you desire greater impact, peace and freedom?

Virtual RetreatU Leadership Training Experience

A one-of-a-kind online and virtual group leadership experience & mastermind to hold space and take you step-by-step to confidently create, market and lead virtual retreats with ease - especially those feeling tech-challenged.

be on retreat while learning to lead retreats

Many will want to teach you to lead webinars and tele-seminars as a sales tool.  I want to share a decade of experience leading virtual retreats to help connect you with your gifts, a soulful community, and all you need to master heart-centered leadership, hold space online, and create your tele-seminars and webinars as transformational retreats.  All, without leaving home. ♥

When you complete this course (especially the live group masterminds) you will have the clarity and confidence to have already lead your first virtual retreat or have it on your calendar.

ready to share your message with more people, power, and ease?

Hello Beautiful!  So glad you are here!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, as a coach or healer, finding the courage to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, or maybe dreaming about what you will do when you find yourself with time after your grown children leave home.

the world awaits your gift.

You are out there living life and dreaming about the next steps.  You may be ready to bring your business online, keep your land retreat alive, connect more deeply with you tribe, or reach a global audience.  You may already be aware of the power of webinars yet desire a more heart-centered, less salesy way of messaging and connecting.

When my now 22-year young daughter came into this world I committed to keeping her close to the light with which she was born.  As she grew, I committed to never missing an event in which she participated (in her 22 years, I've missed only 1, when I received my Master Retreat Coach Certification).  When my family was relocated from NYC to NC, I was moved to connect with a diverse and vibrant community.  To realize both, I started leading virtual retreats.   

My first virtual retreat was a circle of 12 women who wanted to celebrate Winter Solstice without leaving home.  It was a beautiful sacred space of self-care and joy.  We connected deeply.  Eight years later and several still attend my seasonal retreats, and purchase other services. I want this connection, ease, and abundance for you too.

If any of this resonates, I feel you and would love to connect, learn more about your dreams and help you bring them to the world in a bigger, deeper, more affordable, way.


I don't want to sell you a course.  I want to provide the rituals, resources and tools to inspire and guide you step-by-step to dream, vision and implement your retreat plan with ease.

Video Lessons

Downloadable, Interactive Tools, Templates & Blueprints ♥ lifetime access♥

Tech How-to Field Guides & Videos (new and archived)

Live Q&A Calls & Recordings (monthly)

Private FB Group ♥lifetime access♥

In This Learning Experience You Will Receive

Modules Overview

click each tab to review

  • Module 1: Getting Started - Packing and Pacing
  • Module 2: Empowered Foundation - Your Why
  • Module 3: Your Big Vision and Ideal Attendee
  • Module 4: Transformational Content
  • Module 5: HeArt of Tech
  • Module 6: Package, Price, Own Your Value
  • Module 7: Communication, Community, Messaging
  • Module 8: Community Building
  • Module 9: Your Master Vision (bringing it all together)
  • Module 10: Post-Retreat, Closure & Celebration
  • BONUSES: Blueprints, Interactive Templates, Archived Library (4 years)

Module Details

Prepare for Your Journey

In this module we help you create an environment in which to receive information and transformation in heart and mind.  You will be introduced to the meaning and benefits of virtual retreats, receive guidance on what to pack for a joyful journey, and a way of working and being that allows you to practice and model retreat in your life and business.  Our retreat leadership mantra, “transformation over information“.

  • YINpreneur™ Leadership Pillars

  • What to pack to get the most from this journey.

  • Pacing and tone for a joyful, sustainable experience.

  • Setting your intention from your heart and mind.

  • Defining and balancing expectations.

  • Creating space and practicing the retreat training guidelines.

Creating A Strong Foundation

In this module, you will connect with your core values via a unique, yin-inspired self-assessment, receive practices to nurture your creativity, connect deeply with your why, your deep desire for leading retreats, and get grounded in your inner-leader in life and business.

  • What is Virtual Retreat

  • Start Where You Are

  • Choose A Topic

  • What is Your Why

  • YINpreneur™ Core Values assessment and journal

  • Plan using the YINpreneur version of S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • Quickstart Blueprint to help you understand where to focus your learning and practice

Your Big Vision

In this module, we will practicing visioning and connect more deeply and confidently with your natural gifts, soul-inspired why, ideal retreat attendee and you as a masterful leader.  Including guided meditations on the 6 steps to activate your attraction energy. See it.  Feel it. Own it. This clarity make it easy to later hone your message and create your marketing.

  • Connect with your gifts

  • Connect with your retreat why

  • Envision your dream retreat attendee

  • Vision your retreat and your leadership style

  • Discover the one question to ask to empower your retreat planning 


Your Transformational Content

In this module you will receive guides and blueprints to walk you step-by-step to know: How your leadership makes the difference between a retreat and a workshop.  How to create structure, flow and environment for a truly transformational retreat.  Step-by-step blueprints to align your retreat message and activities with the media type of your choice.and decide the best media type.

  • Understand the difference between a workshop and retreat.  Hint: your leadership is the key. 

  • Choose length of Your Retreat (hour, day, multi-day)

  • Design activities to nurture transformation

  • Learn the power of creating sacred space and retreat environment

  • Craft activities to bring your land retreat to life virtually – including snail mail, social media and conferencing options

  • Create structure and flow: pacing, tone, open and close

  • Align with your gifts & message

  • Align timing and media options

  • Envision your dream retreat attendee

  • Vision leading your retreat

  • Design complementary & support elements, e.g., snail mail, guides, bonuses…


HeArt of Tech – Media Delivery

This module is rich with resources and practice.  Many feel that this module offers the greatest value of saved time and money.  It is in this module you will receive the benefit of years of practice and research to offer a broad and definitive overview of the media and tech choices to market and deliver your virtual retreats.

We create a safe space, using audios, videos, guides, tutorials, playbooks and group calls to introduce you to the many tech system choices (audio, telephone, video, payment, email and social media).  Then, guide you step-by-step, with playbooks and blueprints, to align the choices with your vision and mission, with an emphasis on ease and profitability.

  • Get to know options for livestream, audio, recording and lighting

  • Understand the phases, choices and tech options.

  • Understand the meaning and why choose audio-only, computer listening, video-presenter only or shared video conferencing.

  • Review Features, Benefits and Pitfalls of Tech Options (audio, computer, video conferencing, headsets, mic …)

  • Possible Mistakes and Your to Plan to Succeed

  • We’ll Customize Tech Choices for Your Message and Comfort Level

  • Understand the Benefits of Practice (option to practice within our mastermind group)


Package, Price, Own Your Value

This leadership journey is about the work, but it is also about who you become along the way.

In this module you will have access to a unique, YINpreneur™-inspired alternative to the traditional marketing funnel, Journey to Center, to position and price your retreats with relation to your heart, and your other products and services.  Guiding you to speak to the heart of your mission, emotions, feelings and those you wish to serve. You will receive interactive play sheets, spreadsheets, audios and tutorials to guide you step-by-step to know the true meaning of R.O.I as Return on Investment and Return on Intention.

Connecting confidently with your mind, heart and emotions will support you when it comes time to create your content, communication and marketing.

  • Package the content of your retreat and support materials in relation to your virtual retreats, land retreats, courses…

  • Journey to Center: complete a step-by-step plan and journal with our unique, yin-feminine inspired alternative to the traditional, yang-masculine marketing funnel.

  • Align your virtual retreats with the big picture of your business. 

  • Get clear on your expenses, including hidden, direct, and indirect expenses, annually and per event.

  • Review and craft pricing options: special offers, bonuses, payment options, guarantees.

  • Learn the value of YINpreneur™ R.O.I.: Return on Investment and Return On Intention.

  • Review payment process options and align with your message and comfort level.

  • Master your pricing mindset and own your true value: tame the gremlins and nurture confidence (includes pricing options aligned with your values)


Communication, Community and Messaging

In this module, we guide you to know that you are not simply marketing your retreat but creating a community of people with whom you wish to share the gift of retreat.  Communicating your passion, mission, and gifts with your choice of the many media choices available to you.

Providing the guides and play sheets to help you align your message with the many media choices available to you (including email and social media), with an overall intention of ease.  Introducing you to the different media resources so you can choose which is best aligned with your personal needs and business skills.

Guiding you to speak from your heart and let this value infuse all elements.  Nurturing the space so your voice can be heard. It is your voice that makes your product or service unique. Your passion and clear communication will be heard and help increase profits – tangible and intentional.

We provide audio and PDF guides, checklist and more to help you get clear on your ideal retreat attendee and how you will communicate with them, attract them into your community and to attend your retreats.  We also suggest ways to maximize your media choices before, during and after you retreat to engage your community.

  • Key intention for marketing is all about your message and creating community connection.

  • Appreciate that your retreat message is expressed in every detail – including payment processing & confirmations.

  • Get clear on selecting and maximizing service options: email, web hosting, social media, payment options …)

  • Consider communication options between you and retreat attendees, and between attendees – before, during and after your retreats (memberships, forums, Facebook groups)

  • Post retreat communication: keep retreat, your message, and community alive

  • Post retreat business options: re-purpose retreat (includes privacy options)

  • Optional: confirmations, releases, agreements


Leadership Mastery

Mindset Mastery is an essential element of our Virtual RetreatU Leadership Training experience.

  • Nurture your personal retreat practice (includes bonus membership in YINpreneur™ Village).

  • Define your personal retreat leadership style.

  • Receive guidance and support to manage and sustain your passion and energy: our intention is self-love and self-care.

  • Practice grounding and preparing space before, during and after your retreats.

  • Staying present and listening with all of your senses – even when it’s phone-only retreats and you can’t see your attendees.

  • Managing timing and attendee engagement while maintaining the ambiance and timing of retreat.

  • Learning the value of silence in your retreat leadership.

  • Bringing it all together in your Master Vision Blueprint.

  • Optional: confirmations, releases, agreements

  • Closure and Celebration.


The HeArt of Tech

All levels receive guides, PDF and video tutorials to guide you through your tech choices (see module: Media Delivery). In our Mastery level masterminds you receive more hands-on, customized learning during our live gatherings (with screen share, Q&A and full-day retreats to choose and implement your plan and practice with your preferred media)

  • K.I.S.S.Keep It Simple and Sacred

  • My intention is your comfort and confidence to choose and lead with the technology aligned with your message and skills.

  • Hands-on, dynamic, interactive meetings walking you through the setup and usage of core media options (audio-only, video conferencing, free and paid) – with behind the scenes screenshares 

  • Practice sessions: get comfortable leading with the tech of you choice within the safe space of our mastermind group, before leading your actual retreat

  • Video & live tutorials to guide you to setup support media options (email, payment processing, website, social media)

  • Access to archives of four years of tutorials created to answer student questions – updated regularly to answer student questions.

  • Facebook Live Q&A to answer your questions about media and technology.

feeling ready to lead but don't know where to start?

Start with our unique, one-of-a-kind online and live group learning experience - created with the spirit of a mastermind - to nurture inner and outer leadership mastery.

A 12-week learning experience (online for DIY and live for Mastery-Platinum) to guide you step-by-step to create, market and lead passionate and profitable retreats.  Complemented by 1 year of monthly group calls to provide enhanced learning and support for your entire retreat leadership experience.

Virtual RetreatU™ is the first and only program of it's kind

Now, in our fourth year, here in VirtualRetreatU™, we know the practice as web-retreats, and the Tao (way) of the YINpreneur™.

we are holding space for you and your fear of leading online

Blending ancient wisdom & modern practice, work and retreat in a safe, sacred space to learn the heArt and tech of leading groups online. Life-time access to the learning modules allows you to let go of stress and move at your own pace.   A yin-feminine inspired way of working and being that values an engaged community and daily retreat practice.

community and connection are key values

community is a key element of our learning experience

I'm so excited about the course and community we are creating and want to share it with you.

Our community is an awesome, loving and supportive circle.  I believe you will appreciate connecting online and in our private Facebook community.

Yes, I'm teaching you how to lead virtual retreats, but I've created this experience with your heart, wellness, and inner entrepreneur in heart and mind.   Supporting your retreat essential element of our journey, and your success.  I am delighted you have connected with me to find out more about leading virtual retreats.  I would be honored to be your guide.

our journey is not about leading retreats

At Virtual RetreatU our mantra: We don't lead retreats, we model retreat and invite others to join us.  This journey is about the work, but it is also about your retreat practice and who you become along the way.  My intention is to nurture you and your daily practice, so you can share from a place of sustainable power and peace.

connecting with your sacred, most authentic and empowered Self

Rituals and Resources

audios, videos, PDF, tutorials, references and monthly group calls to guide you step-by-step

  • 24/7 Access to online studio

    Our online learning studio is the hub for all of our course materials and community communication.  Access with ease from your smartphone, tablet or computer at your pace, in your space.

  • Learning Modules (lifetime access)

    Learning modules to guide you step-by-step to create, market and lead transformational retreats.  Including guides and resources to make it easy for you to select and align the technology with your message.

  • Interactive Guides, Playsheets, Blueprints

    Audios, videos, PDF guides and playsheets for each module to guide you step-by-step with ease.  Also includes related resources to support your retreat leadership and personal retreat practice.

  • Safe Space

    A safe space to breathe, learn and grow.  Blending retreat and work on our group calls = web-retreat.

  • Private Facebook Group (lifetime access)

    A members-only closed Facebook group (you’ll receive access after registering for the course).

  • Sample Worksheets and Resources

    Samples of related worksheets, spreadsheets and related resources.  Includes: DIY, how-to-guide for selecting and setting up your media resources, interactive cost spreadsheets, a unique YINpreneur™ Core Values Self-Assessment, Journey to Center (yin-feminine alternative to the marketing funnel) and more.

  • Monthly Office Hours (Q&A)

    Monthly Office Hours to breathe, get your questions answered, keep you on track and moving forward.  We meet by Zoom to allow for screenshare for interactive how-to guidance on all elements, including tech.

    *Mastery and Platinum

  • Mastermind - Weekly Group Gatherings

    Twice each year, we gather for 12 weekly mastermind calls aligned with the course modules, with a focus on mastering your outer leader.  The intention is to expand on the course content, offer customized support, and promote implementation and heart-inspired accountability.

    Members can participate each time offered – allowing you to work and participate at your pace.

    *Mastery and Platinum

  • Mastermind - Monthly Group Gatherings

    We gather monthly, in a retreat-like environment, to nurture your inner-leader.  Focusing on mindset mastery, retreat and self-care. ♥  These gatherings help balance the learning and provide time for sacred connection among our mastery circle.

    *Mastery and Platinum

  • Focus Friday "Get It Done" Days - Virtual Implementation Retreats


    A full day virtual retreat, blending work and retreat to get things done.  We align the intention for the day with the learning modules, to support your ease of implementation.

    *Mastery and Platinum

retreat is not about getting away to a place

“A retreat springs from and is guided by your inner knowing. A retreat is about stepping out of your ordinary existence to listen and attune to your truest, most authentic self. It is about being self-referenced to become self-restored. It is about setting aside time to tend the hearth of your inner life, feed your muse, reclaim your dreams. A place to reaffirm your values by giving yourself permission to do what you need when you need it, not when you think you should or when someone else thinks you should. About using loving self-discipline to push past limiting beliefs, to instigate change, to bring closure.”

~ Jennifer Louden, The Woman’s Retreat Book

you, masterful retreat leader, holds this space and creates connection

Learning Circles

three learning levels to allow you to choose the one that is most aligned with your budget and learning style

  • D


    I prefer to work independently and go it alone, with lifetime access to the online studio, field guides, playbooks, interactive worksheets, blueprints, tech tutorials. Optional access to the private Facebook group will satisfy my occasional need to ask a question or receive support.

  • M

    Mastery Circle

    I prefer the hands-on, step-by-step guidance of an instructor and mastermind to enhance my learning experience and keep me on track.
    The power of connection and a sacred circle to support my learning experience is key to my personal and professional success. It feels better to have live connection to get my questions answered, and run ideas by my sister leaders.

  • P

    Platinum - Certification Circle

    I am most comfortable and inspired with a blend of mastermind and private coaching. Connecting in an intimate, sacred space with my retreat sisters fills my heart and allows me to feel safe as I learn and grow. The access to private sessions with Karen makes it possible for me to customize my experience, be accountable, blend life and business coaching and experience the ultimate transformation for me and my business.
    CERTIFICATION: Platinum student-leaders have the option of certification. The certification level of our Virtual RetreatU™ Leadership Training Experience is created for those who wish to take their Mastery level training experience to the next level. A professional level at which you promote your skills as a master virtual retreat leader. You appreciate the value of practice and feedback from your teacher and community, to hone your connection and skills. You also appreciate the value of accountability to guarantee completion of the course and access to additional feedback.

1st-ever Virtual Retreat Leader Certification Program

This level offers the first and only virtual retreat leader training and certification available in our universe.  It also opens up certified graduates to future opportunities to become Virtual RetreatU™ Leadership Experience facilitators.  Only 12 spaces each season.

opened Summer 2017


Are you ready to let go of living small, be bold, know pure joy and thrive.

Do you desire a way of living and working that nurtures energy and creates impact.

If this resonates with your heart and mind, read on and learn why others are joining this circle of awesome and powerful feminine leadership.

  • How do I create and own value, in my product or service?
  • How can I reach more people with more impact and less stress?
  • As a start-up, how can I afford to reach a large group?
  • Can I do it alone?

Does this resonate for you?

In conversations with other soulful individuals with a message to share, I heard this:

  • Do I need to be a techy to lead an online retreat?
  • How do I choose the right tech to launch and lead my event?
  • Once I choose, what's next?
  • How do I create and hold space with virtual gatherings?
  • Can my land-based message actually be shared online?
  • How do I build confidence to lead a group online?
  • What if I am not confident about my speaking skills?
  • What if I don't have time to learn new skills to lead online?
  • I am not interested in the overwhelm of one more marketing technique.

You will cherish this learning experience if you:

  • Want to create a higher R.O.I for your business (more profit and ease)
  • Have a heart-inspired message you want to share with the world.
  • Enjoy 1:1 coaching, but want to share the power of groups with your clients.
  • Know telesummits and webinars are important to your business, but the traditional ones are salesy, and leave you feeling disconnected.
  • Want to feel confident leading groups using today's technology.
  • Want to connect deeply with your community - it is essential to your meaning of success.
  • Are a land-based businesses who wants to go global.
  • Believe that leading from feminine essence is essential to your personal and business success.
  • Want a more affordable way to take your message global.
  • Want to create a business while you still have a day job.
  • Seek an affordable way of messaging and marketing.
  • Lead confidently with online technology.
  • Connect with your inner leader.
  • You want to be on retreat while learning to lead retreats.
  • Seek a way to keep your land-based retreats alive.

This experience is not for everyone. It may not resonate if:

  • The term "conscious business" has no meaning for you or your business.
  • Meditation is NOT something you want to learn or practice.
  • You believe meditation and mindfulness have NO place in business.
  • You prefer to rely on facts in your head than feelings and intuition.
  • You believe resilience is about pushing through versus slowing down and renewal.
  • Self-care is not part of your business vision.
  • You like the pace and tone of popular 6-figure webinars.
  • The concept of pain marketing works for you.
  • You find what people call, woo-woo coaching, unattractive.
  • You never give up the traditional marketing funnel.
  • You believe every moment of a retreat should be planned and scripted.
  • You do not consider yourself open-minded or a life-long learner.

Examples of retreat leaders in our Virtual RetreatU™ Community

  • Yoga teacher
  • Vision Board
  • Life Coach
  • Artist
  • Relationship Coach
  • Journaling
  • Work-from-Home Mom
  • Healers
  • Integrative Health
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Creativity
  • Annual Planning and Visioning
  • Branding and Messaging
  • Author

more than a training program - a mindful leadership experience

A year-long leadership experience taking you on retreat, VirtualRetreatU=you and teaching you to take others on retreat, Virtual RetreatU-University)

We create a safe space and a circle of like-hearted women.  Dedicated to supporting  connection and celebration.  Putting you and your self-care first.  Empowering you to lead from your place of peace.

In the months between the twice-yearly live (weekly) virtual retreat leader program, we focus on nurturing your mindset mastery and inner leader - blending work and retreat, with the structure and spirit of a mindful mastermind.

a year-long program to nurture your inner & outer leader

We inspire you to create a daily retreat practice and nurture your inner retreat leader.

We encourage you to start where you are, let go of the struggle, and move at a pace aligned with your heart, mind, spirit as you create your unique path to leadership mastery.

blending ancient wisdom and modern practice

We walk step-by-step in our yang-masculine skills to enhance our outer virtual retreat leader.  Creating space and calling on our yin-feminine rituals, resources and practices of the seasons, 5 elements, and moon energy to inform our inner leadership mastery.

inspired by the 12 pillars of the YINpreneur™ Pilgrimage

The YINpreneur™ Pilgrimage is your journey to your empowered inner wise woman.  A simple and spiritual, yin-feminine inspired journey to practice the 12 pillars of empowerment in your daily life.  The pillars: gratitude, presence, sensuous woman, intuition, honoring emotions, harmony with nature, sacred self-care, sacred self-care, art-music-movement-play, learning to ask & receive, community (it takes a village), rituals, daily mindfulness & meditation.   Practicing these pillars to empowering you, so you can live into the mantra of VirtualRetreatU™, we do not lead retreats, but practice retreat mastery and model retreat for those we invite to join us on retreat.

start where you are.  honor the season in your life and biz.

SPRING: New to virtual retreats or online leadership. You have the desire to organize, plant the seeds of retreat in your life and business. As with the energy of the Spring and the new moon, your pioneer energy is calling and you are ready to see what virtual retreats are all about.  Get familiar with the rituals, practices and systems.  Going step-by-step to nurture your inner & outer wise woman, prepare to receive the learning and plant the seeds of this new form of connection with you and your tribe. If the ground is ready, you may even plan your first (or uplevel your existing) virtual retreat.  A heart-centered community and sacred space will help you feel safe as you move onto this new, unknown path.

SUMMER: You, your business are on fire, ready for full bloom.  You may be rockin' your land retreats or online courses.  You may have lead one or more virtual retreats and feel the fire of growing or deepening connection with your community. Time to bring your gifts to the world in full bloom, lead more virtual retreats, expand to using new forms of tech (maybe video conferencing), and focus on getting the word out to share your gifts with more people.  Yet & still, knowing that it is OK to feel vulnerable on this new journey.  We are here to share in this fire energy, support and celebrate you. ♥

INDIAN SUMMER: Long-term vision and balance. Your business may be blooming. You may have lead a virtual retreat (or course) or two.  You are intrigued and ready to consider the long-term vision for your life and business.  Your outer (yang) entrepreneur can make peace with long-term plans, while your inner YINpreneur™ knows this as a time to practice centering, and create boundaries to sustain your energy and your inner leader.  Not rushing in on adrenaline energy, but balancing forward progress and learning sustainable success.

AUTUMN: Transformation, simplicity and your inner diamond.  This is the season of your alchemist and your inner diamond.  You may have lead retreats or online groups a while back.   Time for gratitude and celebration for the harvest in your life and business, and to reconnect with your leadership skills and own your value.  Celebrate you and what you have created (harvested) before honing the transformation you desire for you and your retreat attendees.  Let the focus be on simplicity, as you learn and grow.

WINTER: Rest, renewal and focus on inner leader.  In the winter of your life or business, you may be called to rest and renew. You may wish to engage with the modules, but not yet ready to do the work or lead your retreat (yang-doing).  The idea of leading a virtual retreat, any online group, is daunting.  At this time, it may resonate most to get grounded, nurture confidence and flow naturally into this new form of connection and online leadership. Time to focus more on the yin-feminine rituals of coming out of your head and into your heart and body.  Letting go of any struggle to create your retreats.  Go with the flow and let this time be for the nurturing of your philosopher, and inner retreat leader.  Your season to learn the tech and media will come (twice yearly here at Virtual RetreatU) No need to rush or stress. Go with the flow of winter energy.

clients share

my heart is full with the words and feelings shared by student-leaders in our community

  • Cynthia Barnett, PhD

    I worked with Karen for many months mapping out my retreat by the sea. I had done many retreats in the past but they were more like workshops where I prepared a three ring binder with lots of work sheets, etc. This time I did not prepare a binder nor did I give out any work sheets.  With Karen’s guidance it was all about the experience. The transformation. Being on retreat, relaxing, and truly enjoying the moments.  This was also the first time I made a profit, with much less work.  In the past, I broke even and many times lost money.

    My biggest breakthrough was the transformation the women experienced at the retreat.  I would venture to say that this was my best retreat.

    Cynthia Barnett, PhD Refire Don't Retire
  • Mary Alice Long, PhD
    The content, rhythm, and experiential quality of Karen's retreat gave me direction that set me free to explore my own organizer. I found that the contributions and stories of the other women in our group increased my awareness and curiosity of my own organizer's story.  As the retreat progressed a number of the women, including myself, experienced shifts in awareness that allowed them to take action and make small change that produced BIG impact. Lights began to shine!
    Mary Alice Long, PhD Play=Peace
  • Sylvia Warren, MBA
    The body of work you've created for Virtual RetreatU is simply brilliant. It resonates with clarity, value and care. So many of the resources you provide, especially for tech timid entrepreneurs, erase any doubt that business owners can bring their visions into reality with practical online and offline steps that actually work for them. Thank you for sharing in easily digestible ways all the precious gifts that Virtual RetreatU offers. Even if participants implement only 2-3 of the tools available to them, their businesses will shift into growth and prosperity.
    Sylvia Warren, MBA Wild Wisdom Journeys
  • Sheila Kennedy
    To learn from her is awesome, but to work with her is simply amazing. Just the sound of Karen McMillan’s voice helps to calm and revive me. I absolutely love the virtual retreats I have attended that Karen leads. I was so honored when Karen invited me to co-lead a retreat with her as a YIN Master during my latest book launch. She was calm, organized, helpful, supportive and inspiring throughout the whole process. Interacting with Karen has created unlimited benefits for me as I build my business and strive to live a balanced life. What I have learned from her has transformed my personal life and my professional practice. The greatest compliment I think anyone can give is a referral and I enthusiastically refer my clients and friends to Karen.< Karen is so genuine and leads by example which is something rare. My platform is helping women to build confidence at their core. Karen is a shining example of what we should all strive for and that is what makes knowing her and working with her such a blessing. It feels so natural and necessary to introduce people to Karen because their lives will forever be changed for the better.
    Sheila Kennedy The Zebra Inc.
  • Caren Kolerski
    I am very grateful to Karen for not only providing the virtual heart and community experience, but also the tech part as well. As a result of moving through the process with Karen, I now feel empowered to move forward. It is exciting to envision the possibilities – among them the introduction of Laughter Yoga. The way she beautifully breaks down the process step by step, walking her students through the technology as actual participants, allowed me to see first- hand that it IS possible! My passion is to lead retreats. Karen’s expertise helped me to see that I can use some technology without taking on another full time job! I so appreciate the gifts that Karen continues to offer to make leading retreats easier as she marches ahead of us through whatever may appear overwhelming to Retreat Leaders. Her commitment to growing professional Retreat Leaders as well as women who access retreats for their own spiritual practice is definitely a Gift!
    Caren Kolerski Laughter Yoga
  • Elizabeth Barbour, M.Ed
    "If you are a coach, consultant, educator or any type of teacher wanting to add "virtual retreats" to your repertoire, look no further than my master mind buddy and friend Karen McMillan's class.  Karen is one of my go-to gals when I have questions about technology AND she is a master at holding and creating sacred space on the phone (which a lot of people think isn't possible but it IS!) Check out her class. you'll be glad you did!
    Elizabeth Barbour, M.Ed Professional Speaker and Retreat Leader

♥ Join Us ♥

invest in your self, your leadership, your peace of mind, connections, your business

* Investment prices below good through May 2017, when we launch VirtualRetreatU™ 4.0 with new modules and the 1st-ever virtual retreat leader certification program.


This is the fourth year of Virtual RetreatU™.  I have learned that mastering the tech & online leadership brings stress for some.  My intention is to remove the stress and create space and a program to support you wherever you are.  As such, VirtualRetreatU™ 4.0 offers:

1) DIY/Independent program.  Evergreen.  Join when you wish and work at your pace. Lifetime access to the core modules - updated to stay current with the tech market.

2) Mastery-Platinum: The 12-week live mastermind cohort is offered twice yearly (you can twice within the year) + monthly retreat mastermind gatherings + Focus Friday virtual retreats - so you feel supported whenever you enter our leadership training experience circle.

* The next cohort begins on June 1 - with (2) bonus getting started calls & first course mastermind June 15

Learning Modules (12)
Field guides, interactive playsheets, video tutorials
Private Facebook Group
Office Hours (monthly)
Mastermind Gatherings (12-weekly/twice each year)
Mastermind/Virtual Retreat (Monthly)
Bonus: YINpreneur Village (for life of VirtualRetreatU Membership)
Private 1:1 Coaching
Focus Friday “Get It Done” Virtual Retreat Days (Qtly)
Practicum (option to practice lead within group, with Karen’s feedback)


$497 Thru Dec 2017

For those who want to work independently or desire a more affordable learning experience.
  • SpacesAll Welcome
  • Term
  • Learning Modules (12)Lifetime Access
  • Field guides, interactive playsheets, video tutorialsLifetime Access
  • Private Facebook Group1st Year (option to renew)
  • Office Hours (monthly)1st Year
  • Mastermind Gatherings (12-weekly/twice each year)
  • Mastermind/Virtual Retreat (Monthly)
  • Bonus: YINpreneur Village (for life of VirtualRetreatU Membership)
  • Private 1:1 Coaching
  • Focus Friday “Get It Done” Virtual Retreat Days (Qtly)
  • Practicum (option to practice lead within group, with Karen’s feedback)

Platinum-Certification Cohort

$1,497 Thru Dec 2017

For those who want the benefits of an intimate circle and interactive learning experience with direct guidance from me.  Certification is an overlay to Platinum for those who wish feedback on their retreats and enhanced accountability.
  • Spaces12 (7 available)
  • Term1 Year (option to renew)
  • Learning Modules (12)Lifetime Access
  • Field guides, interactive playsheets, video tutorialsLifetime Access
  • Private Facebook GroupLifetime Access
  • Office Hours (monthly)
  • Mastermind Gatherings (12-weekly/twice each year)
  • Mastermind/Virtual Retreat (Monthly)
  • Bonus: YINpreneur Village (for life of VirtualRetreatU Membership)
  • Private 1:1 Coaching4 Sessions
  • Focus Friday “Get It Done” Virtual Retreat Days (Qtly)
  • Practicum (option to practice lead within group, with Karen’s feedback)



Start by paying only $97 today, then 4 more payments of $97 every 30 days.


Start by paying only $150 today, then 4 more payments of $150 every 30 days.


Start by paying only $197 today, then 6 more payments of $197 every 30 days.


Weekly calls alternate day (Wed @ 3 pm ET)  and evening (Thurs @ 8pm ET)

* you will receive immediate access to the online modules


  1. Choose your payment path
  2. Receive immediate access to the online learning studio and ALL course materials
  3. Take the course at your own pace (Mastery & Platinum complement online learning with live group experience)
  4. Watch your email for a link to the Private Facebook Group (ask to join and we will approve within 24 hours)
  5. Check your email for a link to the Bonus: YINpreneur™ Village membership
  6. Mastery & Platinum - join us for our weekly mastermind calls level [re-take course every time offered within your first year]
  7. Platinum Certification Level Members: Check your welcome email for the link to schedule your first Private Mentoring appointment with Karen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the application process? +

The application is not intended to reinforce exclusion but to nurture commitment and clarity.  We are an intimate group and I've learned that it is most beneficial to all if it is made up of like-hearted, like-spirited and like-minded women dedicated to moving forward together on the journey.  and appreciate the power of community support and connection.  Women willing to show up for themselves and for their retreat leader sisters - on the calls and in the Facebook group.

What if I am not techy? +

Then this is the perfect course for you.  No tech experience needed.  We provide everything you need to create a safe space to learn, guides and video tutorials to help you get comfortable with the tech side of leading online.  In the mastery level you will enjoy live, interactive calls with screenshares to help you make the choices.  In the Focus Friday retreats hands-on support to setup and use the technology.   My mission is to give you the wisdom and the confidence to lead with ease. ♥

Do the course materials vary with each level (DIY, Mastery, Platinum)? +

The core course modules are the same for each level. They are updated to accommodate changes in the market and tech, and as my learning is expanded by the questions in each live course - to this end we've grown from six to twelve modules over four years.

The difference is not in the core course materials but the live gatherings and the tutorials and recordings created in response to these gatherings - I LOVE creating tutorials audios and videos to answer questions that come up during our live gatherings.  These resources are only available to the Mastery and Platinum member circles.

What (resources) will I need to take the course? +

Meetings: Most of the time, we will meet using Zoom video conference (except when we choose a specific resource with which to practice during the Mastery tech module or Focus Friday). Zoom meetings allow for connection by land phone, smartphone, computer or tablet.  In order to view any screenshares during our live gathering, you will need to be on a smartphone, computer or tablet.  If you attend by land phone, you will be able to view the screenshare during video replay (uploaded to the online learning studio)

Course access:  I am all about ease and feeling like retreat as you work.  The core modules and all related online studio content are available by way of smartphone, tablet or computer.  Access the VirtualRetreatU™ & YINpreneur™ Village studios from wherever you are, when ever you desire.

What if I already lead virtual retreats or an online course? Will this course be worth it? +

Great question.  Actually, to my eyes and ears, it shows up as several questions. Let's see if I can answer them for you:

(Q) What if I already lead virtual retreats?

Here are some examples of replies (there are many more):

  • Then you will bring your experience to the course and get more out of it - educated questions are the best.
  • Imagine learning to maximize the features of the tech choice - students are surprised to learn about features of their chosen conference option that they did not know about, had never used or were afraid to use.
  • If you are only connecting by phone, you can expand your confidence and your tech skills to include video conferencing.
  • How about learning the nuances of leading so that your virtual retreats feel more like retreats than workshops?
  • Want to receive ideas to blend tangible objects into your virtual retreats?
  • Want to learn the nuances of leading groups online, from getting comfortable with silence to leading multi-hour, multi-day virtual retreats?
  • Thought about leading larger groups and breakout options?
  • Know how to use the tech features to keep your audience engaged when they enjoying the feeling of retreat and don't want to talk?


(Q) What if I already lead an online course?

Much of this reply is answered in the responses to the first question above.  Let me also expand on that:

  • Often, a course is all about the information shared.  They may be automated online, without your live interaction, or taught with weekly calls.  The focus is teaching and mostly about talking to the audience, and maybe Q&A.
  • Expanding to offer virtual retreat allows for time to breathe and expand on the learning.  These gatherings are about going deeper with the learning, with the information and with you. We speak of transformation over information.
  • Virtual retreats allow time for you to slow down, breathe,  interact with the attendees, and them to interact with each other.  It's a different pace and a different feel.
  • The virtual retreat can also be a time to take a breather from the learning, which may be intense and need some away time to gain perspective and allow for visioning.

(Q) Will the course be worth it?

  • If you prefer to teach versus connect with your course attendees, then it may not be worth it to you.
  • If sharing the gift of retreat with your tribe is a key to your life and business vision, they you will appreciate what you learn for you and your business.
  • If a deeper connection with your tribe is important to you and your business, then you will appreciate the value of virtual retreat, and this course.
  • If the traditional 6-figure webinar rubs you wrong and drains your energy, you will LOVE this learning experience.
  • If you want to learn to lead in a way that does not drain your energy, but nurtures your energy, then you will LOE this leadership and retreat experience.
What if I miss a meeting? +

The meetings are scheduled with alternating days and times to accommodate a diverse life.  They are also recorded, and uploaded to the learning studio within 24-48 hours of the live gatherings.

What if I need more than 1 year to complete certification? +

I appreciate that life happens and completing the certification requirements may take more than one year.  No problem, I will work with you.  If you need a few months additional, the requirements remain the same (number of virtual retreats lead, etc).  If you request two years, then you will need to lead 1-2 additional retreats.  I suggest we talk about this during your private mentoring sessions so I can support you on this journey.

What if I want the benefits of Platinum Mastermind but don't want certification (certification optional)? +

Great question. The Platinum level is created to allow for a more intimate and interactive learning experience with a mastermind approach and direct access to my guidance and support.

Certification is an overlay option to the Platinum level.  It is created for those who are dedicated to completing the program and receiving feedback on their retreats (from me and/or their platinum member mastermind) within a minimum of 6-12 months.  Those who wish a plan and accountability on this journey will appreciate the requirements of certification.

If course access is for a lifetime, why do I need to renew annually? +

The core course modules are available in our online studio and you have access for a lifetime.  The live gatherings, e.g., Office Hours, Mastery masterminds and Focus Fridays are available with your active membership.  You receive access to the live gatherings for the first year of your membership, with the option to renew annually.

How many times can I attend the 12-week Mastery Mastermind live gatherings? +

I have taught this course for four years (as of 2017) and taken many courses myself. I have learned that life happens and I cannot always complete the course-program the first time around.  Taking the course again also offers a new perspective on the information - especially if you have lead a virtual retreat or course.  Mastery and Platinum circles can participate in the 12-week mastermind live gatherings every time they offered during their active (see renewal details) membership - usually twice each year.

Why lifetime access to the Private Facebook group? +

Community and connection are key elements of YINpreneur™ success.  Even if you choose to learn independently (DIY) questions come up.  I don't want to sell you a course, I want to support and inspire you to lead more retreats.  With lifetime access to our Private Facebook group, I can offer you lifetime support while you move at your pace to learn and lead - without stress.

How do I take advantage of my four private mentoring sessions? +

With your Mastery membership you receive one mentoring session.  With your Platinum membership you receive four mentoring sessions.  Immediately after registering and loggin into the online studio you will see the link to the 24/7 online scheduling service to schedule our mentoring session.  You will also receive a link to answer questions to prepare you to get the most out of our coaching conversations.

You can schedule them as you wish.  I suggest one when we get started, two during the year, and the last when you complete the course and want to create a plan for going forward.

The mentoring session are scheduled for 30-45 minutes, yet we can extend that time if needed.

During our call you have the option to ask questions, breathe, receive life and business coaching, or use screenshare to see my screen or share yours and receive customized, interactive guidance on the question/topic of your choice.

What is YINpreneur™ Village and why do I receive it as a bonus? +

I am passionate about sharing the gift of retreat.  I love taking people on retreat and teaching others to lead retreat.  YINpreneur™ Village is how I take people on (virtual) retreat.  VirtualRetreatU™ is where we gather to learn to lead (virtual) retreat.  I share YINpreneur™ Village as a bonus to provide rituals and resources to support your daily practice, and a way for you to experience leading and receiving virtual retreat.

Are the Focus Friday virtual retreats available to the DIY/Independent circle? +

The Focus Friday: Get It Done virtual retreat are the perfect blend of work and retreat.  They are created to give you the time to focus on one intention and get it done or make significant forward movement.  Over the years, I've learned that putting these days on our calendar helps us to be more accountable and stay the path.  this also gives you access to me for the day to get your questions answered - and maybe receive support from the group.  Some will be focused on a particular intention, e.g., tech setup and others will be the intention of your choice.  Each will include time for nurturing and self-care.

DIY/Independent members can attend for a small fee (individual registration is optional)

Guarantee Box icon-style-25

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Your membership is a monthly or annual (full-payment) membership and active from the day of your payment.  You may cancel your membership at any time. Canceling will cancel your renewal and stop any future monthly payments. Once cancelled you will no longer have access to the online studio or Private FB group. However, you may keep the resources you have already enjoyed and downloaded – as it is not possible to return digital content. As such, you will receive a refund less a $100 admin fee if you cancel within the first 7 days – which should give you enough time to access the site, visit our Facebook group, and know if this is the right place for you.  At the time of cancellation, all future monthly payments will be stopped (within 14 days of notice).  If for any reason you wish to dispute or discuss, my door is open.  Please email me with {Virtual RetreatU} in the subject line.

Meet your coach-mentor, retreat guide on this journey

Work-at-home moms, you may appreciate the freedom virtual retreats offer.  When my now 23-year young daughter came into this world I committed to keeping her close to the light with which she was born.  As she grew, I committed to never missing an event in which she participated (in her 23 years, I've missed only 1 event - when I received my Master Retreat Coach Certification).  

When my family was relocated from NYC to NC, I sought a group of like-hearted, like-minded women to share my vision for life and business.  I longed to connect with a diverse, global, and vibrant community.  To realize both, I started leading virtual retreats.   

I lead my first virtual retreat in 2010.  It was a circle of 12 women who, like you, wanted to celebrate the seasons in a circle of like-hearted women. It was a Winter Solstice retreat, without the stress of packing, making plans for my daughter or my home.  It was a beautiful sacred space of self-care and joy.  We connected deeply.  Eight years later and several still attend my seasonal retreats and invest in other services with me. I want this connection, ease, and abundance for you too.

Being a YINpreneur™ is all about blending ancient wisdom with modern practice.  Understanding that my desire to create a business looks and feels more like a woman on a mission to lead a movement. Virtual retreats are a perfect way to realize this practice.  This is also a way for me to blend decades of corporate management, product development and non-profit leadership with my spiritual practices of yoga, Tai Chi and meditation.

If any of this resonates, I feel you and would love to connect, learn more about your dreams and help you bring them to the world in a bigger, deeper, more affordable, way- with ease.


Mom, YINpreneur™ | Founder VirtualRetreatU™ and YINpreneur™ Village
ACC, BCC, Master Retreat Coach

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Giving Back

A portion of every purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.